360 Galleries

A Buddhist Collection, representing a serene and meditative experience while virtually walking through this space. Move around freely by either using the arrows or drag the mouse.

Filled with sensuality and emotion the photographs in this virtual exhibition celebrate beauty and dreams, a powerful example of photographic craft as well as attention to detail.

SHADA’s work is full of life, full of colour and as divers as the master painter himself. Check his gallery here and on this artist’s page you can find the individual art works.

This artist’s work shows an eclectic set of photographs that are like scenes from Hollywood movies. Beautifully crafted with a keen eye for the strangeness encountered on occasions.

The Portraits from Laos virtual exhibition shows people from Laos from the especially rich ethnic divers environment. Move around freely by either using the arrows or drag the mouse.

A Pavilion of Colour inspired by the majestic beauty of Southern England, mythical stories, elegant gardens and a constant motion of nature’s amazing grace and violence.

Summer Everywhere is Nicola’s collection celebrating bursts of warm and bright colours, giving the spirit that jazzy upbeat feeling. Her work adds a spring to your steps!

The Movable Landscape is inspired by nature and the shapes of my surroundings are at this moment a source of inspiration and research for my art. Drawing is something I have to do, it’s writing without words.