Nell B

The Moveable Landscape


Nell B

Balance Wheel is the collective name of my projects as an artist and my work as a yoga teacher. The common thread running through all my projects is the relationship between me as a performer and the audience. In my work as an artist and yoga teacher I appeal to the flexible capacity of man. I see the body as a meeting place where certainty and uncertainty go hand in hand.

The world is in constant change. By consciously playing with alienation, disorientation, seduction and ingrained patterns, I investigate the given of behavior and how habits can get stuck in the body. I challenge the public to participate in order to stretch their own boundaries within a safe and often anecdotal context. Communication, seduction and curiosity play a role in this. In this I include the benefits of yoga in my art. Yoga explores, allows to experience and creates more unity. Doing the exercises over and over again. The surrender. This includes the ritualistic nature. For me these actions are currently important in my work as an artist and as a person.

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