Michel Saada aka SHADA


Diversity by Shada 360 Art Gallery


Michel Saada aka SHADA

Being a self-confessed autodidact, Shada finds his inspiration in the materials he works with, the environment he lives in, and the works of other artists. In his last exhibition (Reclaim Art, 2015), he found inspiration in the texture and beauty of old woods, which he highlighted by adding context and color shades to create true works of art. Over the years he found his own voice and vision as an artist, without however limiting himself to a particular technique or style of expression.

The pandemic brought him a surge in creative energy and inspiration. ‘Diversity’ is the outcome of that creative thrust.


We live in an era of amazing human diversity, where people move, travel, live and love together, mixing and blending as never before in human history. COVID-19 has arrested this, and frozen people in situ. Some are at home, others in a new home far away, and others are locked in transit, almost randomly. Suddenly the flow of diversity is locked. How does this affect us? Will we be able to go back to our free movement again? Whatever the questions or the answers, Shada was determined to use the opportunity of the pandemic, this freeze in time and movement, to explore the moment through his art.

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